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Caring for your Kokedama

Kokedama are happy indoors in bright natural light conditions.
Please keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid burning the beautiful foliage.
Simply weigh your Kokedama in your hand to determine if it needs watering. If the ball feels light, the time has come for a good soak!
The watering frequency is naturally affected by the ambient environment; generally speaking you can expect to water the Kokedama more in summer than in winter (every 7-10 days). The easiest method of watering your Kokedama is to place it into a bucket or sink filled with room temperature water, allowing the water to saturate the ball. This can take anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes, depending on its size and dryness.Another way to water your Kokedama is to trickle water slowly into the top of the ball (where the plant grows out of), until it is heavy and full.
Please note that this method isn’t suitable for Kokedama whose plants have issues with top watering such as the Birds Nest Fern (Asplenium). Altering these methods will aid in prolonging the life of the jute twine used to wrap your moss ball. Ensure you allow your Kokedama to drain thoroughly before returning it to its place.
Your Kokedama has been created with the perfect soil mix and a slow release fertiliser.

You may wish to give it a little boost by including a water-soluble plant food such as Powerfeed or Seasol with the soaking water; this is absolutely fine to do every second to third soak.

Enable adequate airflow around the moss ball to prevent mould growth.

We recommend placing your Kokedama in either a hanging position or on an elevated stand to allow for adequate airflow around the moss ball. This prevents mould growth, and protects your surfaces from moisture. Need a stand? Pip & Rose Design Kokedama stands are hand crafted out of natural timber and complement every decor.