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The Ultimate Lightbulb Moments: Illuminate Your Day!

Introducing: Lightbulb Moments!

This new range of Watergarden was inspired by a spark of whimsy and the wish to spread positivity in a unique manner.  The perfect pick-me-up or motivational gift, these Lightbulb vessels come with one of six quotes attached. 

Choose your Moment

"Be the Energy you want to Attract" is here to help you manifest your best self.

"The Future is Bright" is a wonderful way to greet new opportunities.

"You Light up my Life" makes a thoughtful gift for those important people in your life.

"Look on the Bright side" helps to remind us that there is always a bright side, sometimes we just need to look for it.

"It's your Time to Shine" is a reminder to embrace life's opportunities.

"You're a Glow Getter" motivates us to reach for the stars.












Perfect for Propagation 

There are two options to select from if you live in Western Australia; "including plant" and "excluding plant". For any Eastern States or International customers, the vessel will ship minus the plant due to quarantine regulations.

Should you choose to include a plant, your Lightbulb Moment will arrive with a cutting of a Pothos such as Devil's Ivy. These plants are simply the easiest plant to grow and look impressive!

Ordering minus the plant? Grab a cutting of your favourite plant (ensure there are a few root nodes present) and pop it in with some fresh water.

Either way, set your Lightbulb Moment in a space with filtered light and you will love watching your little bulb of positivity thrive!