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Plant Animal Butterfly, houseplant decoration

Plant Animal Butterfly, houseplant decoration

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Our collection of Plant Animals are a fun way to accessorise house plants! These plant hanger decorations can hug, hang or slide onto a plant. Plant Animals make a unique gift for botanical lovers. If you’re plant-obsessed then you’ll love these cute animals.

There are 28 animals in the collection: Bush Baby • Chameleon • Flying Squirrel • Fox • Frog • Fruit Bat • Koala • Meerkat • Monkey • Orangutang • Owl • Pangolin • Parrot • Praying Mantis • Raccoon • Sloth • Snake • Squirrel • Lemur • Chimpanzee • Damselfly • Flying Lizard • Flamingo • Toucan • Tamarin • Per unit: Contents: 1 x Brass Plant Animal Corrosion-resistant brass Packaging: FSC Paper with a biodegradable plant-based cellophane wrap - 15 x 5cm An original design by Another Studio

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